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Instruments, Gear, Amps, D.J., Karaoke, Lighting, Recording Equipment, Sound, Accessories, And More!


Instruments, Gear, Amps, D.J., Karaoke, Lighting, Recording Equipment, Sound, Accessories, And More!


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Welcome to Music Associate, a new website that connects you to all of your musical needs, dreams, and desires! This unique site has been created to link you to thousands of musical items, downloads, and services, and to provide 100% free services including our Musicians Directory, Concert Calendar, and Employment & Internship opportunites. Please browse through our many pages and choose from hundreds of clickable links that lead to thousands of musical and art related topics for you to discover. We offer daily discounts, sales, and bargains on our Musicsaver page and Twitter. Learn more about us on our About Us page and video at the top right of each page, and leave your suggestions, comments and questions with us at our Contact page. Please connect with us on our Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Youtube, and Tmblr buttons that are located at the top and bottom of each page of this site. This website was created for you so please make yourself at home! We are excited to communicate with you and thrilled to have you here!


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Have you ever faced the obstacles involved in finding all of your music needs and musical accessories in one convenient location? Perhaps you were searching for an online website or offline store that could provide you with music lessons and a download of your favorite recording, or information about having a career in the music industry and tickets to a concert, or dance instruction, sheet music, and ear training software, or an electric guitar, D.J. equipment and music for meditation. Now you don't have to go to an out of your way destination, search endlessly on the internet, or call a massive amount of numbers from your phone book when you already have too many things to do.

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